Friday, May 4, 2012

Our House - The Bathroom

Our little 1950's ranch came with a vintage pink and black bathroom, complete with pink wallpaper. We are on a tight budget and a full on bathroom remodel was definitely not happening. We decided to try and make the bathroom looks as good as possible without doing any major changes. Ripping down the wallpaper, painting the walls, removing the shower doors and adding some curtains and artwork have definitely enhanced the space. 

Down the road we plan on re-tiling the floor with a similar vintage style basket weave tile in white and black. We hope to have the tile walls and tub reglazed in white. A new mirror, updated lighting, a storage cabinet over the toilet and a new sink are also on the agenda. 

Here is a shot of the bathroom on the day we closed. We got to work right away removing the wallpaper only to reveal bright pink paint underneath! 

Here is the bathroom as it looks today. I made the curtain from fabric that I found at wal-mart of all places. It was super affordable at about $8/yd. I love that it compliments the pink tile but is also a more modern print. We removed the shower doors and hung a shower curtain that we used in one of our old apartments, it worked out perfectly and was free. In an effort to neutralize the pink as much as possible we painted the walls bright white. Just the addition of the white paint has brightened the space tremendously.

This is a simple DIY print I made to hang next to the vanity mirror. I downloaded some free clip art of a toothbrush and added some text in a nice font. Voila, instant artwork. The mat in the frame was originally white so I painted it with hot pink craft paint to match. I'm a big believer of using what you have on hand! 

Thanks for taking a peek into our bathroom. I will share updates as we continue to make improvements.

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